Limon Coons Morgana

Morgana vaccinated

Beauty Morgana just got her first vaccination and chip. She is growing and doing very well this sweet cute girl!

Dalexs Coon Zorro

Beautiful Zorro

Beautiful Zorro already 8 months old. He's getting to be a brave big boy.

Iceberg West Ural


Our Iceberg is a cute and active cat. Always adrift like a real iceberg. Almost 10 months old.

Xigma Gentlefriends

Great Xigma

Great xigma. Almost a year and already 6 kilos. She's still a baby though. Acts as a small toddler and is very sweet and social.

Limon Coons Urko

Cute little Urko

Cute little Urko is so sweet and always plays with his legs. He is available as a pet worldwide or for breeding (outside the Netherlands). (more…)

Limon Coons Morgana

Limon Coons Morgana

Beautiful cute Morgana is now 7 weeks and look how nice she is. She stays with me.

Limon Coons Zora

Limon Coons Zora

Beautiful daughter of Yeti born on August 2nd. Her name is Zora. MCO NS. She stays with me.

Feba Alkatory

Beautiful Feba Alkatory

Our beautiful Feba on the watch. Everyone thinks it’s a boy but no, it’s just a big girl with great lines. And she looks angry but that’s her common look. She is actually very sweet.

Limon Coons Eden

Limon Coons Eden

6,5 weeks now our beautiful Eden. He is developing well. Beautiful and more importantly a very social character.

Watson Great Tail

Watson Great Tail

Watson Great Tail * RU. He is now 1.5 years old. Proud father of two beautiful litters born on 2 and 7 August. Responsible for 12 kittens.