Maine Coon Cattery Limon Coons

We are a small and specialized Maine Coon Cattery in The Netherlands. We have litters so now and then. We have amongst others beautiful, rare Russian and Dutch champion lines. Our cats are all tested N/N on genetical diseases and Patella.  Our Maine Coon cats are known for being social, big and with great tassels on the ears.

We sell Maine coons all over the world. We offer amongst others Russian lines that are known by big sizes, fluffy ears, a big head and tail. We socialize the kittens to the max. They are used to children and dogs and all the usual household noises as they grow up with us.

We don’t let the cats go outside alone. Our cats have a big space (all ground floor to be shared with us), toys and big scratching towers that occupy most of our living room.

All cats have Champion lines. We test all cats before mating on blood type, SMA, HCM and PKdef with a DNA Analysis. Besides this, we perform physical tests on Patella Luxation and general health and a blood test on Fiv/Felv, confirmed by the veterinary before we start breeding. We are registered at FiFe by the Dutch member club Mundicat in the name LimonCoons.

Our Maine Coon cattery is in the countryside of Drenthe, Netherlands.

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Conditions of sale

We sell cats for breeding and as a pet. If a cat is sold as pet, the cat needs to be neutered within 8 months. We sell with a contract that offers you guarantee for genetic diseases that we could test on (Patella, HCM, PKDef, SMA). In the contract clauses are included to ensure a good treatment by the buyer.

All kittens will be sold with a Dutch Pedigree (recognized by Tica), chipped and with 2 combi vaccines. If sold abroad, a rabies vaccine is provided. Till 5 weeks after birth, it is possible to choose your own name. We provide photos and videos frequently to buyers.

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