Buying a Maine Coon

Buying a Maine Coon

Many people like to look for a Maine Coon, because the Maine Coon is a very popular cat. It is a friendly, playful and smart cat with a beautiful tough appearance. Are you interested in a Maine Coon kitten? Check out our Maine Coon kitten page for more information! We also occasionally have a rehoming Maine Coon who is looking for a new home because it is not in his / her place in our group. If we have a relocation, it will also be on our site.


How expensive is a Maine Coon?

For a Maine Coon cat with a pedigree, count on a price from about 2000 euros for a classic Maine Coon. Polydactyle or special colors or lines can be more expensive. The price includes both vaccinations (ready for 1 year), chip, Tica pedigree, purchase contract with guarantee of 1 year, rabies vaccination for abroad if applicable, a kitten package and 12 months free Pet Insurance by Petsecur. We are a registered cattery, so all prices include 21% VAT.

In addition, you are assured of many photos from reservation to 13 weeks. When booking we ask for a deposit by bank. The kittens can be visited from 6 to 7 weeks and can come along with 13 weeks (abroad: 15 weeks). A Main Coon kitten is not reserved without a down payment.

In addition to the purchase costs of such a beautiful and sturdy cat, you also have to count on expenses for the vet, food (100-200 grams per day), cat toys, deworming, housing, cat litter and a scratching post (unless you have sturdy furniture and don’t mind that). are attached).

You can also opt for pet health insurance to limit unexpected costs at the vet. An operation at a specialist can (for all animals) run into thousands of euros in case something special is going on, so keep that in mind.

Do you want to buy a Maine Coon? Check this page to see if we currently have Maine Coon kittens available.