Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Kittens and Health

To get a litter of Maine Coon kittens, you must first mate. All our Maine Coon cats are extensively tested before mating. We test for Patella Luxation (abnormalities in the knee), HCM heart abnormalities with ultrasound and HCM 1 with DNA. In addition, we test the DNA for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy, degeneration of nerves and muscles) and PKDef (Anemia). Every year our Maine Coons are tested for Fiv/Felv and breeding suitability is confirmed by a veterinarian before breeding.

Maine Coon kittens & upbringing

A Maine Coon kitten needs a lot of attention. It is important that you also give that attention, this is part of his upbringing. In the first months, we and the mother teach the kittens what is and is not allowed. You can teach a cat or kitten quite a lot, especially if you show them from an early age what is and is not allowed. Our cattery is in our house where we live with three children, a number of dogs and a parrot. The Maine Coon kittens are therefore socialized in the house and are used to a lot before they can leave. We also let them get used to crazy noises, such as the vacuum cleaner, bangs and so on.

Buying a Maine Coon Kitten

Our kittens leave the house at 13 weeks and are then fully vaccinated (twice, enough for a year), have a chip and Dutch passport with health certificate and a Dutch pedigree of Cats & Tulips (Tica). If the cat goes abroad, it will receive a rabies vaccination and may therefore not leave until 15 to 16 weeks. In principle, we only sell as a lover’s cat. Sale to a registered cattery is occasionally possible under certain conditions.

When buying a Maine Coon kitten you get a contract that gives you a 12 month guarantee against genetic diseases that we could test for (Patella, HCM, PKDef, SMA). Clauses are included in the contract to ensure proper treatment by the buyer. The welfare of the kittens is paramount in the contract.

Cattery Limon Coons is affiliated with Tica, represented in the Netherlands by Cats & Tulips. In addition, we have the diploma Professional owner dogs & cats, are registered with RVO with their own UBN number and even neatly registered with the tax authorities.

Which Maine Coon kittens are available?

If you want to buy a Maine Coon kitten, you will find on this page all Maine Coon kittens that are currently available. On this page you will find all Maine Coon kittens that are not available The pages are regularly updated by us. Feel free to send us an email for the current state of affairs or your wishes.

How much does a Maine Coon kitten cost?

As a reliable Maine Coon breeder, we only breed Maine Coon cats with a pedigree. We are a small and specialized Maine Coon Cattery in the Netherlands with beautiful rare Russian and Dutch champion lines. The Russian lines are known for their large size, fluffy ears, large head and tail. Our prices include all vaccinations and rabies vaccination. In addition, you will receive an eu passport, chip, pedigree and guarantee against hereditary defects in a purchase contract. Polydactyl cats cost a little more than classic ones. The color can also affect the price.

The price may seem high, but it is made up of the costs of the cat and hangover (a cat has a few litters in her life), the (annual) tests of the parents, the direct costs such as food and deworming of the kittens, vaccinations, passport and pedigree. In addition, we are obliged to pay 21% VAT because we do not want to breed ‘black’. Check buying a Maine Coon here.

Why buy a pedigree Maine Coon kitten?

Buying a Maine Coon with a pedigree has many advantages. We have listed a number of advantages for you:

  • Breed according to the rules of the cat club TICA
  • Raised and socialized in a domestic environment
  • Rules and attention to inbreeding
  • Recorded information about the lineage and family
  • Guarantee that it is a purebred cat and who the parents are
  • Parent health tests present.

Polydactyl cats

Polydactyle means that the cat has more than 18 toes. Normally a cat has 4/4/5/5 = 18 toes. A polydactyl has more. Often 6/6/6/6 or even 6/6/7/7 like our Allegiance Love April. The legs of a polydactyl are therefore much wider. That used to be appreciated on the farm in Maine: with these wide legs they can jump much higher, run faster and therefore catch more mice. And that’s what the Maine Coon was originally intended for.

Unfortunately, polydactyly is less known these days and is not allowed on shows. However, we think it is important to stick to the original function of the Maine Coon, catching mice. And that goes better with thick legs. So why breed this advantage out of the breed? We’re just trying to breed it back in. In America, a polydactyl cat is welcome at Tica shows.

What do you get when you buy a Maine Coon kitten?

In addition to the purchase contract, when you buy a kitten you will receive the official pedigree and the EU Passport containing the vaccinations and the two checks by the vet (9 and 12 weeks). . You will also receive a kitten package from Royal Canin, including food for the first few days, so that you can slowly get the kitten used to different food.

Is there a waiting list for Maine Coon kittens?

There is a lot of demand for our Maine Coon kittens and that is why we also work with a waiting list. Signing up for the waiting list is a way for you to qualify for a kitten. When registering you can indicate what kind of kitten you prefer: male or female, color, polydactyl or not. A place on the waiting list is no guarantee for a kitten. First of all, nature cannot be forced: your choice may only become available after months or years, or even not at all. In addition, we always look for the best home for our kittens, and therefore also ask for information about your home situation.

If you are not on the waiting list, but you are interested in a kitten, you can always inquire about availability.